Coping Freedom Drunk Beer Wine Whisky Escape Escapism Reality Preach Wisdom Mechanism Crutch


It comes in a can

Some say it's the devils juice

Happiness at last

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I drink too much.

Coping Mechanisms

Freedom isn't found

Within a glass, be it

Filled with whisky or 

Beer, not even wine,

For it is all a 

Temporary escape

From the harsh reality

Of life, and when one

Is done they must go 

Out and face it



In truth, to have

A coping mechanism

Is a crutch, for it

Keeps us from 

Facing our problems,

Our monsters, head on

As we strive to defeat

Them, to send them

Into the abyss, 

Never to rise or

See daylight



And yet

It is pleasurable

To forget for a time

The aches and the

Worries of life, 

The wisdom of 


Who preach to the

Choirs of 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Apparently I'm philosophical even when drunk.