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Unwritten Future



Little girl with the inquisitive eyes

What is it that you see?

A girl sitting alone with a guitar,

Ripped grey jeans and a smile?

Your gaze is so intent

So focused on my fingers

As they dance along

The neck of my instrument.


Little girl with the curious face,

You are looking at me as though I am

Made of magic, a mythical creature.

And I look back at you, 


What you will become in the years

That are ahead of you,

Who you will be,

I wonder

If you will remember me?

This moment is but a drop in the bucket

Of your life, you have so much to 

Experience and do.


Little girl with the shy smile,

I hope you grow into someone beautiful

Both inside and out,

And that you will not fall by the wayside

Of life like so many do.

But from the smile that wreathes your father's face

As he lifts you up to kiss your head,

I think you are in excellent hands

And for that

I am infinitely grateful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had the littlest audience at the coffee shop today. She couldn't have been more than three years old.

Managed to get a really crappy recording of the guitar part. Can be found here -