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The Box

When one gives a gift to a child there’s often a confusing paradox...
As the gift is quickly set aside while the child plays in the box.

For children see with their imagination all the journeys to be amassed
In a box that holds not only a present...but trips to the future...and the past

Children know a box can be anything...according to their mood...
A mansion high upon a hill...a fortress of solitude.

A box can be a spaceship...on a mission to the moon
or a stagecoach drawn by horses....arriving at high noon.

A box can be a cave from a time when dinosaurs roamed the land.
or a castle protected from dragons by knights both brave and grand.

A box can be a schooner battling monsters out at sea...
Anything a child envisions...is what a box can be.

So the next time you give a gift to a child...savor the paradox...
knowing they will find joy in the gift your giving...and magic in the box.


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