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From Childhood to Now

Back In the Days When we were Young

We believed we could be anything we wanted to be If we set our minds to it

Yes we were young, wild and annoying, but we all have that one time where we acted like the bigger person when things didn't go our way

Time flies by quick Indeed, the minute we blink our eyes is the minute we all grow up and remember our  childhood memories.


When we grow up, that inner innocent child no longer exists anymore.. we might still have flashbacks of it but never go back to our old ways.

Society now-a-days we kill one another, rob one another.. basicially meaning we do onto another we don't want the same thing done to us

If you look at it this way we all mess up and make the worst decisions ever but that does not mean we have to throw our society/generation down the drain.

I believe its best to be the bigger person and make life more enjoyable and meaningful.


If you ever feel like the odd one in the world, remember to find your inner child and live wild and free

Childhood's will always be there and it's time to show children now in days the right way to live instead of the wrong way to live.

That means set an example on how you would want your child to live, put them in the right environment and give them those good memories you had when you were young.


Live life and Live Happy, and always remeber

Live Lime to a Lemon.

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Could Things Always Be Worse?




When I was still 

      small enough

to finger paint

      with chocolate pudding

on the little table, 


I had no idea 

it would come to this. 





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