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What I've done in the past,

I can’t change

I've built walls and let them crash,

But now the face of insecurity melts with reality

As a person is portrayed


I comprehend my self damage,

I see that through hardships

I’ve gained an advantage

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Past memories

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At sunrise I watched you leaning

against the west side of the hill

Just as lost as I am


We’re unchangeable,

scared half to death

by things we can’t understand


And my feet still pound

against black and white pavements

that bury the yesterdays we left behind


But at sunrise I saw you

staring at the moon

hoping this world stays unchangeable


It was so long ago,

it’s tomorrow and forever

and the echoes in between


We’re unchangeable,

running backwards

smoky ashes rekindled again and again


I won’t ever burn for you

like the waves on the shore

but I’ll watch that sunrise too


I’m the one you

won’t ever love

and can’t ever lose

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 1/20/16