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Sometimes the sky is dark, not to pretty

I can see the lights from the distant city

Somewhere there is a candle burning

Left out on a shelf in the darkest night

Sometimes we feel we get forgotten

And our love can vanish in the night

And I know there is always tomorrow

And I know the earth is still turning

But I can’t follow any ones footsteps

And dark at night the moonlight is hollow


But I can see the light from all the cities

And I know there is place for me tonight

Sometimes the sun is not here very often

And the sky is low and not very bright

I wish somehow the mood could soften

As I watch you slip away into the night

I know you will not ever be forgotten

I have my memories they are burning

Beneath my feet the earth is still turning

It’s so hard for me to draw the curtain

It’s hard me to move my pencil right

But I must keep myself from hurting


I hope someday you’ll come to the city        

Where everything is all aglow and bright

There is a rainbow in every streetlight

Everything else turned black and white

I will always love life in the city

That is where you will always find me

If you’re looking you’ll find me in the city

Somewhere I am burning big and bright

And it was love that lit the candle

To keep me safe when I’m alone at night,

Irreversible Change

2014 feelings

What used to be a home

Is now a hell

Where I used to want to be

Is now a place i dread to be in

Things have changed

Tables have turned

As if my whole world has crashed

Been flipped over and turned inside out

Trying to reverse the clock

Yet it only ticks faster

But could this be

Might this be

Is this just

Irreversible change

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A Change of Personality


We grow and breathe;

morphing into newer versions of ourselves.

Some people stagnate; getting stiff and cold.

Variety is the spice of life,

but some people forget to bring the salt.