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Days no longer matter,

the pages of the calender

contiue to turn regardless


One year later and still in

the same place

with the same face

and the same expression,

with the same feelings

as the same the same person

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When I was a young man,

I waited for the sky to turn orange,

A brilliant, phosphlorescent, explosive orange.

To my disappointment, 

All I got was purple and green.

Exploding lamp posts,

Street curbs 500 miles high.

Now I'm a lame, old man. 

Street curbs are still 500 miles high.

But I smell smoke, 

And where there's smoke there's fire. 

And soon. real soon,

The sky will be orange.

A dazzling , psychedelic, mind blowing orange. 

And people will know freedom.

Yes freedom.

A freedom, such as,

They never knew  they would have.

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Craving for a Better Change

They say that everything changes faster,

But certain things seem to be the same ever,

I wish our conscience awoke like a sleeping volcano,

Letting the entire world know!


Much have you misbehaved with us,

Much have you like ants crushed us,

Much have you been recklessly proud,

Like a lion it’s our time to shout out aloud!      


We’ll pulverize you like the red chilli,

We’ll rise like the soldiers at war eventually!

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Power to the People

The Light

Power to the people

to the hope and to the light

Power to the will to survive

Power to the will to fight


Power to the people

who sacrifice with no regrets

Power to the people who forgive

even when they can't forget


Power to the have not's, the gaijin, the outsiders

and MORE POWER to the ones who accept us

The sparks that light the fire


Power to acceptance

Power to the lovers

Power to the ones that understand

different skin color doesn't make you any less my brother


Power to the thinkers and the dreamers

working together to find solutions

to the hatred and the greed that breeds

this mass confusion


Power to the parents

that teach peace love and truth

We heard every word

and the light we share is proof


Power to the lightworkers,

the servers, the teachers

the givers, life livers, the dreamers, believers

You've reached us


Power to the Lyricists

that put the message before the Grammy

More power to the people

that do it all for the Family


Power to the future

to the Hope and to the Light

Power to the love that fuels us

and gives us the strength to keep up the fight




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