The Walking Cane

My 86 years old Great Grandmother always carries her walking cane anywhere. She is with it every day. Though she keeps forgetting it, she always keeps another stored. There were three canes in total, one for outside strolling, one for house roaming, and the last one for emergency uses. She kept one within each house of her piece of land, the other was hidden out of the kids’ sight.

She walked with the cane in a light hearted way. With great patience she always continued on her way. She walked all around her house and without anyone help did some of the house work. She cooked, and took care of the dog (which is now dead). In a meticulous way she accomplished all her tasks.

It was her fellow companion through sunny days, through rainy nights, in her sadness and her joys. It was always there literally holding up her weight and supporting her. And it did a great job at its duty.

My Great Grandmother welcomes us with here cane on her right side. She invites us in every time. There came the old lady attending us with all her heart. She left her cane while she sat, leaving it within hand’s reach. I often played with it when no one’s sight was on me. If anyone saw me playing with it, I was scold and told to leave the cane alone, even though my grandma was never mad at it. Instead she gave me a smile when she saw me playing with her cane, and she told my mom or aunt not to scold me for that.


It often served as my sword, my lance and even sometimes just a walking cane with which I played. Several fun years were spent with that cane. Until due to her old age, the cane was not enough for her. Now the cane was changed for a walker, as the cane will no longer suffice. Due to her age she was contrived to leave her cane behind. Now it walks no more. She now carries the walker all around, the cane no longer heeding her desire. Only one cane remains. Both the one for the house and the one for going outside were ruined for overuse, only the stored one remained. The cane now stacks up dust in the living room’s corner, not being even look at by anyone. It was indeed forgotten by all the house inhabitants.

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