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Outward agony



You lie and,

You yell and,

You kick and,

You scream.

You're blind and,

You're deaf and,

It's not what it seems.

You don't love,

You just lust,

But you don't know the difference.

You don't think,

You just argue.

It's becoming your hindrance.

And now,

You're left with all the pain.

And you,

You think it's all the same.

But you're burning these bridges,

You're digging these ditches,

You're cutting these stitches,

You're rusting these hinges.

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Poem of "T"

Pieces of nothing

Pieces of nothing
She stares at the window,
She stares at the wall,
Motherfucker if you only knew
You took her all. 
But you shouldnt need telling,
You love her and should see,
That cruel words but sweet intentions,
Left her all she is destined to be.

Try to be a Little Wise

Let me say I never cared
spent night's alone without you there;
every moment - hell for me
in every dream I watch you leave.
You disappear and say goodbye
think i'm a bitch - I never tried;
leave to protect my mental state
looking for peace instead of hate.


Try to be a little wise
protect yourself from our demise;
looking in to touch the pain
to tear the wound open again.


Let you say you always knew

it wouldn't last between us two;

every moment - hell for you

the past repeats as nothing new.

I disappear and say goodbye

think you're a fool - denying lies;

leave to conserve your fragile thoughts

looking for joy instead of loss.


Try to finally comprehend
those who don't break must surely bend;
this bleakness eats from deep inside 

feeding on love long left to die.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

changed from an untitled in 2003, mostly new