Who she became! 2015

Who she became! 2015


the moment that you came along you fooled her with your games

and you made her what she is and who she became

you promised to love and honor her all of her days

but instead you were so cruel so much that she couldnt stay

the only thing you gave her were those bruises and your name

and she knows with all her heart thats who she became

she tried to make you happy but nothing mattered much

and slowly she gave up cause of your wild and angry touch

your demeaning hurtfull words made her believe she was insane

and for all eternity she knows this is who she became

shes trying to pick up the pieces of her shattered broken life

but because of you she'll never forget she had ever been your wife

you left her in tears and hurting on the floor again and again

she knows that if she goes back, theres nothing she will gain

you stood up there on your throne god you were so vain

in her heart she does believes your the reason for who she became




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because i guess i still have a lot to work thru and these poems help me with the prosses of letting go, its not been an easy road but im still a work in progress hope you like it


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