#bipolar #hallucinations #mental illness #inspirational


mental illness

its bad enough

that i deal with emotional

ups and downs

everyday, every week

Really high manias

then really depressive lows

then add another problem

ontop of that


imagine you get so angry

when manic, and then

out of nowhere

you hear a voice

but no face to match it

telling you, in a deep

almost satanic like voice

"kill them, hurt them

they desserve it"

you know you're not

the hurtful type

But who do you believe

a faceless voice in your head

oe your conscience


During your very depressive lows

imagine hearing not one,

not two, but five "popular" girls

telling you

"you are worthless, you're nothing

just die already you failure"

again, they're faceless voices

they bully you

they wont stop

again, who should you believe

the faceless voices of bully girls

or your inner conscience


those voices may seem to

never end

but trust me, they will

once you brig yourself to

do something, to be happy

and you choose your inner conscience

over them


the voices may come and go

but your inner conscience

is there forever

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i suffere from Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic features. this piece is about my experience with auditory hallucinations (hallucinations that you hear) along with being Bipolar. want to show people it is a rea thing and it is possible for the voices to stop or at least be at bay.