I was trapped in the confines of love's chains, hurt so much but at the same time every moment seemed worth it. The epitome to my end, sacrificing my free will at the hand of loves merciless grip. When I was let go it was similar to relieving my body of the most addicting drug, sitting and rocking, crying like a newborn child. As I grew out of the depression I began to realize how the suffering made me stronger in the harshest ways, although I would not take back a second of it. I felt like a new man, everything around me started moving in slow motion, the act of appreciating every second had seeped into my very core. Was it gods work, or was it just destiny doing its job? I'm eternally grateful of who I am and what's to come. The devil has spited me while heavens angels helped me to my feet. Alas' my future has brightened for the best.

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