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No Rest

Rest in Peace?

No not for you


The nightmare has just 



Play with fire

get burned 


I told you that but you never 



The man in the cowboy hat 

shuttles your soul to the urn 


Where your ashes will dwell 



You cannot out run 

your fate


When you choose the darkness 

it is a losing game



is Pawned into the shop of eternity 



Locked inside the concrete walls of the mausoleum 

tormented by all the lost souls that reside there




You Will Rest In Peace

You lie

in your




into the skeleton

that you are


And all your bones

will break so easily


When you fall into the 

hole that you dug


And I will shovel the dirt

and send you on your way to hell


And above your grave a stone I shall raise:

"Here lies the sellout who sold his soul to the devil

and spent his whole life making others suffer, may he never rest In Peace"


And I will spit on your your grave,

walking away satisfied 



that your dead


Burning in 


Getting what you deserve


Finally reaping all you have



Consumed by fire,

betrayed into the hands of darkness 


A house divided against itself shall not stand:

you were merely pawn in the game that you lost 


And now you will pay the price of eternity 

to suffer as you made others suffer


Paid back with an equal measure

fit for the sins that you died in







Trapped in the Corpse

A soul trapped in a rotting corpse,

no escape,


Living in fear,

end drawing near


Life extinguished,

fate finished


Left behind

to gasp for air


All hope lost,

forever dead.




Mausoleum of lost



They wander the halls


Feeling the weight of their



Too late

buried in the walls


sealed their fate


Haunting them selves

a lost paradise,


Never again to taste the water

of life


Thirsty forever,







Onto Chartered Areas

Onto Charted Areas

close to call
a trip to the mall
on exquisite realm
the church and the harm;

radio level left the rich and proud...

search with dagger from within

a gorilla in oner accord
piercing orchestra onto charterred areas,
loaded on the earth drop zoo;
look after their golden nuggets moment

paramount speakers in one accord...

lift high their American way...
tip the closet stretch horizon
bring on the noise
drifted in the horizon built episode;

silence the clown wanting him all the more around
years of cleaning stear their jacket reunion

Long Ago & Far Away

Long Ago & Far Away


chase back on a dream an evil scheme
love has a way
fire place stay
choose the dream ahead of friends


the basics of love to flame,
orange juice on a plate of decay
we live for our dreas so their we will stay
bottle neck way


wide the highway for their we shall roam
the circus has come to town,
feel the happy lens under the cupboard,
falling fingers snow caped chases....

out of brilliance sorted vent
pay the cover straight & simple
bask in the vast delicate sway
nice a perfect happy & gay;

sipped the last soda parade as you know ya...
carefree news in its sofa

Chase Back A Dream

Chase Back A Dream


tear drop fell through the stained glass

no one gets by on any free pass

shadows block the entrance score...,


lay to plundere off it's booty

chase back a dream under cover,


love in the circle left to flirt

shattered glass on the wooden floor


Blue eyes crying in the rain

shadows block the vortex of the eye


chase back the filtere in the brain

circle throughout the Disney key...


cary mer through an ocean breeze

chased back on a dream


filterre through the ancient scream

A Salute To Eminem

Eminem is preparing his next album soon. Ironically around the same time as trump’s re-election. Lets prepare. And great write by the way, keep it up. Trust with hope.

In our fast paced twentieth century world..,

We oft' have neglected to stop to smell the roses,
Oft' we used to bow our heads silently to pray,
As we reflect back to the sixties is had launched a pad to rebellion !
With a vast amount of liberal bias and thinking,

No wonder why our nation is sinking..,

Sinking amidst a cuss pool of mere morality..,
For now it is a quite different time,
A very unique but different type of day..,
An end of the age of innocence,

One hath been enlightened..,

From seeking truth,
Some fresh out of a garbage can..,
Yet for Gods' sake,
He hath such an amazing plan !

Hence, to shun the broad road,

Yet to seek to venture in the narrow..,
Such as a distant bird in flight !
You might see this creature venture out at night ?
Of the Eagle nor the Sparrow..,

It used to mean something to have a sense of common courteous..,
To hold open the door for your neighbor ?
Yet for the time being we relent and waiver..,
Would you prefer another taste of a certain ice cream flavor ?

To ponder we must be content with who we are in the inside..,

Nor, a mere fancy suit or blazing sport’s car,
Life is a roller coaster..,
In what you do while busy making other plans..,
Finding solace among the height of nature.,

Such to think at what is quite simple,
As a young child reflects on his or her poster board,
Playing with their magic crayons..,
For in eternity it is such a very long time !

Take heed in what you do,

Now is the expectant hour !
What will one choose to do ?
There can be no place nor need for any compromise,
Within it’s vast perpetual spectrum !

One just can’t put a price tag on a genuine but unique heart !

Hence, with honest integrity..,
The time for change is today !

Carry The Cross




perplexed to tears

flowing fears

a whirlwind of cheers;

cosmic tears

relieve all fears

a 1,000 league;

flirtin with fire & tears

loaded gun within its years

fellowship in the ear

rollingback those cheers


Carry the cross

one step at a time

blessed to react

the nature of God's craft

stereo, dull none good to know

falling...falling hills implore;

trust in the way of the oil


nature has a swollen hand

carry the cross;

a gun to last