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Wayward Son

Wayward Son...

try to drop the soap where you can cope
shadows in the wind try in to pretend;
safe with sugar tin

A Heroic Move

Double Plugging The Shit..




nursed by the child like plow


the bitter sower to shower


every word to be chard



The Shining


Red Rum...Red Rum...Red Rum,

surface near the ruin sadness sets in

balance for power my soul sets in....

search the water cave ponder its masquerade

snow...snow...coclaves of sin....


Fair Lady

Fair Lady


an impulse will rock caught the whimsical and touch

offer opportunity to rock

felt solitude...

shadows block the vortex

media spit the truth,

simple touch in hearts that rush

feeling a great push..


my cosmic friend wait unto the end

foster from an idol...

lover so strong felt that pain

Fair Lady


beat at the rush for media

she stands outside a hotel swing

bothered from a front porch swing;

structured through a hobby


she sits on the front porch swing

a hobby through the door bell ring

sits on the horse to complete here balance

Cracklin Rosie

blinded lazy diamond
transformed for eager honor
proned at eager desire
finish off the magic
all to long with vanish
spreading heads with gravy
touch the hem of resistance

sitting plate that's golden
a baseball cheer forever
glazed onto a tiff or taff
tend to over react
young man with dreams
Neil comes unglued

by each shadow fused
held back pillars from an argument
clever strength to what's self evident
baby's eager to eat fries
a wish a plan to take

Hard to Live

I wanted to die,

I wanted to die,

because I never

got to look into your eyes

one last time


I wanted to die,

I wanted to die,

because I never

got to say my last goodbye


And its hard to stay alive

when I still love you




Black Thoughts

Rip off the flesh

and reveal the skull


make your dead soul;

come to the being


be with the lasting

feeling before your end


embrace the transition

before the memories fade


into the nothingness,

you will become


a black,




Hell in a Cell: Damned to Life

Working with these kids;

I see their pain


I see their bordom

and entrapment


They are products of poverty

and unlucky


They are agressive

because they are angry


For being labeled,

for being criminalized


But they were desperate

and so they offended


for many reasons


They need guidance

and help


But many people

would rather stigmatize


and damn them to a life of incarceration

which is no life at all


But we live in system that is controlled

by judgement


That is unforgiving;

and those these kids are hindered


by this evil which

is exploitation


How can we help them?

when the help is not really help


But hell for them

Jolly Roger

The necrotizing fasciitis eats away

at my flesh;

very soon there will be nothing left of me,


These Bones exposed;

you see what I am really am underneath;

just a corpse needing to be freed


I await my day of death with eagerness;

and to be free of this pain at last,


Ready to go before the mast

on the ship of eternity,

I walk the plank and join the abyss