Torn from peer’s grace,

Forgotten in a lost page,

A character in a scene,

That does not affect the plot.


New friends arise,

A lost page now finds a lost book,

Few new characters show face,

And a structure begins to form.


Lots of new expectations,

A crowd forms between the lines,

With characters outnumbering protagonists,

Story direction has been all but lost.


Expectations fade,

The cream rises to the top,

Flowing words dance circles,

Floating thoughts stimulate an idle novel.


Friends dissipate,

The ink fades,

The scene shrinks,

Resolution falls over the wilting story.


There are none left,

Pages are blank,

Alone we are left

To deliver a soliloquy,

A blank stare is all I can deliver,

Followed by a simple question:


Where did we begin?

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15. Beginnings

Black Shades

Her mind is a in a constant state of prologues and epiloudges.

No matter how much the starry night wants to devour her joy,

she still believes in new beginnings, at every end.

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