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Fun/Free time

The breeze flows through the window

with a calming sense of life

feeling numb inside with every breath

focused on the outside world

feeling free and alive

as clouds cover the light blue sky

the birds happily waiting for the cold rain

the mood for Spring is here


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When the Spring air hit me this came to mind.

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My Mother's Solar System

Layer Poetry

                                                                 Around her neck

                                                      hang Oriental Cherry glasses.

     They magnify Daisies, Peonies… Lilies

                                  in her heaven – sky-lined by Mountains,

                                                   Dwarf Mugo, Swedish Aspen & Pine.


                                                               Her smile warms to Delphiniums

                                            in a Sunflower’s afternoon.

                       A Bleeding Heart of Old Gold.

              She knows – her flowers like children

  bloom with love.


                                                 Her Dogwood hands are sturdy

                        like Oregon Grape.

                 The soil planted –

            she makes a home – for Vine Maples, Daffodils,

            Astilbe, Creeping Phlox and Cannulas.


            In wizened words, she roots

  the Russian Sage and Red Grass.

               Yet, she is the Star-Gazer Lily

                                                       growing in the hidden valley

                                          of the Ponderosa Pines.



A Backwater Flash.

Still and radiant backwater visage
Had adornments of morning majesty; 
Fading off to the green inland. 
Many a freshwater fish still in trance
By the mossy notch of water-cellars; 
Their only not-so-safe shelter. 
Tiny wooden snakes appeared 
Rippling off the glossy, stagnant surface
On their course from the nocturnal labor. 
Thin mist-veil slowly dropped
On the soft sod as the tender golden rays
Cast over the bright green leaves; 
A celestial decree of scenic ecstasy! 
Train still had her alert course
Fleeing off such beautiful instances.
Acumen was found trampled
By the bare village feet since ages, 
As the lilt of toil kept echoing ever. 

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2 Spring Haiku

My eyes are all closed,

besieged by dirt and darkness.

Warm hands and bright light!

A hard rain falling,

a million tiny missiles,

exploding the snow.

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Little bluebonnets 

On the side of the road

Waving at passer by's

Seems good for the soul

A touch of blue

To make flowers glisten 

The sun is coming out

Give it a listen

Sounds a little confusing

Pends, on what your using. 



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