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Water, wind and fire,
Elements that bear witness,
and on nature they influence,
For good, at most.
For evil, for most.
For men have so learnt the art,
To arouse the fury of fire,
The war of water,
And the wrath of the wind.
The Earth, thus, in cataclysm

Kingdoms Lost.

I sit chanting the incantation 
Of nothingness at times. 
When my inner self tolls.
Piercing myriad luminous curtains 
Appears the wonder-bird 
By the golden window. 
Nature has her ways of 
Blending and uniting. 
When the million-colored, 
Multi-winged get tired, 
She sits panting at the sill, 
Still with nose and eyes full of hopes. 
A breeze with heavenly scent opens 
Her ways wide to virgin worlds. 
Incantations take new births! 
Whispers turn euphonious notes! 
Rain, Sun, Blossoms and Birds 
Add chorus to the new music! 
Rainbows descend beyond mountain crest, 
Rabbits run in mirth across. 
All remains serine and live 
Until wife chides, “ In trance again, 
Unworthy pursuits are you in? ”! 
Alas! One more Kingdom is lost. 

A Flood in Memory

Flood waters gushed in! 
No trace of grass could be found, 
Except a few grass-woven roofs, 
That too remained shedding tears! 
Mango trees lost arms, some shoulders, 
Coconuts perched on its strong boughs; 
The mighty survivors of all seasons.
Snails, Frogs, Snakes and gnats, 
Ants, bugs, Lizards, spiders, 
Set out their predictable exodus! 
King Fisher and Woodpecker found 
Abode in hollow jack fruit tree! 
Poor and feeble mass, hunger-stricken, 
Assembled by the wet school floor, 
Waiting for the next food-serve; 
Hot porridge and wild-roots boiled. 
Burning chilly dish adds the heat 
On their ice-cold tongues. 
Mothers had their saved rags in lap
With their tender ones mewling in, 
Their ribs netted with wrinkled skin. 
Fathers looked at the skies and winds, 
Returned to the wooden benches, 
Cursing their fate, while the slant drops, 
Pierced on swollen waves of yellow Flood. 

They could not hide the dismay of 
An impending disaster, that would 
Shatter their small dreams 
Into many a chips, beyond bonding. 
Stars got blind by the broken clouds 
Ascended from the abyss of horizons. 
Nocturnal chorus of legendary frogs 
And of beetles added awe and gloom. 
Some slept with open eyes and sense, 
As they knew how dreadful the water 
Might turn in the monstrous night, 
Sweeping off every trace of existence! 

Morning is differentiated with 
Pale rays that struggled the clouds, 
And crows delightfully bathed 
In water-pots of school kitchen. 
Days of waiting and hopes elapsed, 
Shelters invaded by dreadful guests; 
Epidemics and calamities one by one 
Caused their pulses go weaker still. 
Merciless rain and flood objected 
Even Sandy graves, while yellow eyes 
Exchanged silent looks; "Whats Next'! 
When tears drained off, 
Drought invaded hearts.
Life has its occurrence scheduled, 
To measure man's perseverance.