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Poetry, Poetry sliding out of chaos

   winding up in TV evangelism

   game show hosted by Vanna White

and Ed McMahon; copyrighted

   by corporate America?

   Yuppie stock brokers?

   Age of Reagan nihilists?


Poetry drama Poetry cinema Poetry art

Poetry criticism Poetry Michael Jackson

   Emptying into nothingness

   Pepsi cans of dreams youth

stuffed in the pockets of money

monied by code color rank

   lost in desperate confusion.


A childless wedlock

   or a lost ideal

   suffering like Hulkheads

   made to wear matchsticks

   clothing set aflame

   by Pinko Commies


   Lead us down the path of   

   Anti America anti-love



An endless Utopia without a heart

without a soul without a mind

It says a lot of yuppie fascists waltzing

down Wall Street, caressing Madison Ave

   like a fag broker

   in hear with ecstatic euphoria


humping the walls of technology

sucking the media manipulation

   of neo-rightists-leftists-wrongists

airbrushing tie dyed visons

   and tattered white lines

   led astray from the straight

   and narrow to the curved and wide

   streets of California fantasy

of Henry Miller cosmogonical eyes.


staring into pinpricked zigzags

   of designer dreams/thoughts

   in serious threads and serious

   leather pissed on by Hell’s Angels

looking for the sun, waiting for a rise

reading great books, contemplating Dylan,

having erections and dirty dreams

dancing through sweet chocolate delight,

chatting with Poe, walking with Baudelaire.


prowling the streeets like a dog in heat

   hot August nights with ecstasy dream

   purple shadows and moonlight

   serenade to comical dancers

Homeless woman shit on a curb

by a restaurant et al etc.

on the news for a day famour for

15 minutes as prophesied by Warhol

   a logical conclusion to Duchamp?

   a comical delusion of Duchamp?

It’s an end to Russia Iran America France

   China Canada of all those who say

   Hatred war kill murder.


ill feelings washed ashore buried in

   sand til dug out by ostriches

   and shaped into sand castles dreamed

   by Sufi poets and Zen mechanics

of poetry dissent Poetry rebellion


December 20, 1987




Author's Notes/Comments: 

written when I was 21 years old.  I think it was shortly after consuming my first career beer.  Wink