baby driver 2017 movie

Baby Driver 2017 Movie Review

The other day, we went to see the new Edgar Wright movie, Baby Driver , and we were surprised; first, because we did not expect the watch free movie online cinema to be so crowded, and second, for an effective dose of fun and music that this man injected into a story that, although we have seen it several times, feels different by the way the one that his style manages the elements without reducing the speed.


Wright makes it interesting, especially because its protagonist is a kid who drives whatever it is that has four wheels using a pair of Wayfarer glasses, an iPod full of music and headphones that do not remove them to appease the  tinnitus To top it off, this boy, is a demoniac driver who helps bank robbers escape through the fastest routes. And watching him escape between chases and a good soundtrack, we had a good time. 


In the plot there are action movies, the absurd humor characteristic of Wright and a small romance story that makes it stand out from similar films like Walter Hill's stupendous The Driver or Nicolas Winding's ingenious Drive . There are similarities, but the construction is different, because the protagonist, Baby (Ansel Elgort), is a young man who has an enviable talent to drive cars, although, unlike the other drivers, he is a music lover who depends on the soundtrack that listen to guide as the best. 


The film has grace, rhythm and music for a while with the story of the young man who only longs to escape the world of crime to rebuild his life. The twists and turns excite. Sequence planes move with a fast camera. And Wright, who is also an avid movie buff, shows that he can play with the genres in order for the characters to feel dynamic for two hours they start not to stop until the credits. It is the modern homage to the cinema of persecutions of the 70.