Another mass shooting this one in California…and another day goes by…

289 people are shot in America each day…87 of them die…


I’m not sure which is sadder that each day 289 shootings are taking place

or that the number no longer bothers us …that shootings are commonplace.


It doesn’t seem to matter if the murders are splashed across the evening news,

it doesn’t make a difference, it doesn’t change our views.


Oh, we’re angry for a moment…and for a moment it gives us pause…

but it doesn’t stop the killing…it doesn’t change the laws.


Would it be different if we knew that every 17 minutes in the rise and setting of our sun

someone in America is killed at the hands of someone with a gun?


When we look at the sheer numbers how can we not weep or shriek…

when we do the math and calculate we lose 600 people every week?


It is sad to think more people are gone who were here the day before

and even sadder to think we can multiply their family’s grief by over 600 more.


There is a problem in our society, the numbers do not lie.

It leaves many of us frustrated as each day more people die.


Until something is done to curb this violence that everyone deplores

I’m afraid today, like yesterday, will be a little sadder than it was the day before.


If you don’t believe we’ve become accustomed to this violence…

Here is what I mean….

This poem you’re reading right now…today…

I first wrote in January…