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My Release

Minute Poems

Imagine that salty, moist taste

Of tears running down your face

Because your girl so chaste

Just left you, you got replaced

By a guy with a pocket of drugs

Nothing good, doesn't show love

Smoke a blunt and down a deluxe

Case of alcohol, 'till she realizes it sucks

Getting wasted 'cuz life is hard

You're fighting for nothing, a diehard

And it does nothing but get you scarred

Killing yourself in and out, breaking your heart

And for what? A moment of relief?

To people like you I am in disbelief

'Cuz I have music to retrieve

For my anti stressor, my release.

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Sometimes It Feels So Bad

Sometimes it feels so bad,

When the wonderful moments,

Keep appearing from the past,

As frames in films making me so sad.


How wonderful the days were!

Fragrance of love had,

No end by any means,

It was here, there, everywhere.


Each day was like a celebration,

Each moment was precious,

Like diamonds,

Each night was like a vision.


My heart cries,

As soon as it enters,

The realm of memories,

It never lies.



It is like being cornered viciously,

And bitten by snakes,

Over and over again,


For eternity!

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collateral damage

collateral damage



off the mark

still it cut

close to the heart …


seems as if I

steal your play

while you wait

to go away …


thinking if you

sneak out back

you’ll be safe

from my attack …


no, I’ll not be

what you want

exit wounds

for you to flaunt.


an inadvertent casualty -

collateral damage … for all to see.

dhf. 10-31-13

© Debbie Finlay


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This my attack

I feel the anger as he yells
I feel it pulsing through my veins
I am ready to rebel
This feeling can’t be contained
His words are like a bloody sword
Shoved in my throat
Don’t he know what he’s pushing toward?
I wish it was a misquote
I am going to walk out the door
I am not coming back
Maybe this time I won’t be ignored
This is my attack
We have nothing to gain
I am done wasting my life with you
You act like you’re insane
I guess I am having a break through

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