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The Affects of an Overdose


nthe phone rings, they cry and sob

the most painful thing was said

"your friend just died, they overdosed

on heroin"

Lke a kife straight through the heart

the pain increases, faster, in super speed

until you drop to the floor

you knew they were playing Russian Roulette

with their life

you repeat to yourself

"why now, so young

they had a whole life ahead

of them"

it feels like a part of you

just slipped away


without a trace


"if only i was there"

"if only i called and talked to them


are the only things you can say

in your head

to make some, just some of the pain

to go away

all you can do is lay in your bed

and hold back the tears

you don't want to talk

to anyone and everyone

The depression sinks in

Like the Titanic in the Atlantic


soon you can't feel a damn thing

not a single emotion, not a single feeling

by the time the funeral comes

you are still numb

maybe more numb than normal


you know this day is the day

you say your final goodbye

you go to the casket

and place their favorite drawing

you made

and the tsunami of tears

flows right back

then comes the anxiety

wishing this never happened

and you start to lose your


You were always the strong one


Then a realization comes to mind

"i dont want to be where they are"

"im going to rise up and above.

no more bullshit, no more drugs"

you come back, standing tall and calm

you whisper into the casket

"it is never a goodbye, it's a

see you later"

then, on that very day

sobriety takes over

you're doing it for you, and only you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this piece is very near and dear to me. i lost so many people to heroin. i lost family members and people who were like family to me. ots a deadly drug and i just want to post what its liek for someone who lost someone so close to them to something soo deadly.

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