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My Cruel Beauty

You are so beautiful,

You have a beauty that is kind and cruel, 

Kind to those who see you, 

They see what beauty is,

Cruel to those who'd be you, 

They could never be like you,

If I could paint a picture,

Of the most beautiful there is,

That picture I would paint,

Would be one of you.



Ruby Red Slipper

I can show you what it’s like

To live life in black and white


You say there’s color to know

I don't get it? Oh well...


From a world simple and safe

A tornado takes me away


Now I have arrived

In your Technicolor life


I'm on a yellow brick road

Trying to find my way home


You're a ruby red slipper 

A dream to slip deeper


There's a man made of straw

You're a match that I saw


Another made of tin

A place to put your heart in


I'm a cowardly lion

I'm afraid but I'm trying


Because I'm gonna get you

And your little heart too


Can I stand by your side

In your colorful life?


You tell me to stay

Forget that world so gray


So your hand I will hold

To the end of this road


I'm gonna be bold

I don't wanna go home...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem I wrote using The Wizard Of Oz as my inspiration. I thought it would make a really cool metaphor for that feeling you get when you meet someone new, and the tornado of falling in love takes you away from the black and white world you live in. At first you feel overwhelmed by all these things you've never experienced, but you choose to be bold and follow her to a place that is so colorful, enchanting, and absolutely intoxicating. Being with her is like being in a dream you don't want to wake up from. She makes you want to leave your cold, gray world behind, because it's just not as beautiful as hers.

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