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poems 1

Pray for peace watching 
the news and hearing 
about shooting around 
the world 
Pray for peace watching 
the news and hearing 
about shooting around 
the world and wishing 
everyone can get along 
no fighting just get along 
and be kind to one other 
and a world where there 
is hope, kind, peace and 
love not hate love each 
other because the world 
need that right now 
© Amanda Kay Hill 

~Shared Sky~

These floors of work

And labors of paint

Expensive enough to make one faint

And yet i stare

For my soul i bare

Life isn't fair

Surrounded by past dreams

And haunted by Someday's memories

I am afraid

I want nothing more

Than to see you at my door 

Objects no longer get me high

Why did we have to say goodbye

At least we still share

The same sky



I see you.

But cannot comprehend. 

Like two cars crashing.

Like someone falling on the ice.

I' m awe struck.

Your so different from the rest.

Are you a ruler?

Or, are you a slave?

Are you a genious?

Or, are you insane?

Such perfect symetry.

The perfect circle.

The fibinichi ratio.

Beauty herself.

I've seen one like you before.

And have the same questions.

Yes, I've seen one like you before.

Much closer,

But just as distant.

Best Kept Secret

One More Time

Tell me a secret

one that won't threaten my life

nor the life of the one I love.

Silent yet powerful

is all that I seek

words to move the world

but leave me unmovable.

I'll keep it well hidden

in plain sight, that way

I can keep watch of how they unfold.

For the one that I love

I'll give my arm and heart for

but with these words, I hope

to never get that far.

What are these words?

you seem eager to know.

Didn't you know?

its the best kept secret in this world,

all know, but never know

because they're so well hidden in plain sight.

I've hinted already to what they are,

and if your anything like me

you'll know them too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one on a concept, i feel i could have maybe written the poem better around the concept but this is the best I could do for now.