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sometimes dreams 

Sometimes reall

I see it but dont know it(dreams)

I said it cuz i know it (reality)

Dream is sleep 

Reality is life

I know it happens somewhere

Somewhere now 

Somewhere sometimes

Seeing all alive

Seeing half dead

Dreams n reality

Comes! Comes!!! Both

In a mans life.

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Does it matter?

I sin, and sin again, asking for forgiveness

has lost its purpose, because I know I will

sin again and again. Remorse is a vacant

thought, as if, "Why bother." 

My mother used to tell me the Lord forgives

ten folds the sins committed; that's just


A lifetime hall pass is what I need.

Many sinners are great at backsliding, and

whining, begging their forgiving God mercy

upon their souls; wipe their tears and sin


I don't waste God's time with foolish dreams, 

or ideas of becoming a better person; I am a

better person with or without God. I own my

sins, my soul for collateral; when hell's bell's

ring, I'll be coming home. 


Pardon me, I'm a great sinner!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many sin to win! I'm a natural!!

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