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Dark Gothic Heart, A Valiant Knight & The inner harmony tuned to its hidden beasts menagerie

Dark Gothic Heart




I look to the sea


viral implications take me to the surf


along the rocky ledge leads to an old abandoned house


you hear the intense pounding of the waves outside


a cobblestone walkway lines the entrance to the inclosure


the limestone permeates the small structure


a creeky door open to plants inside having moss


an old woman perched in her rocking chair begins to speak


"My name is Martha I'm the owner of this home & I will tell you your future,


you have a dark gothic heart with a temper that is unmatched."


Suddenly a black cat thunders through the home with a screeching noise


Martha continues," The devil lead you to this home in search of blood for tormented souls,


you have been given a gift with an aura of sophistication".


At that the woman said nothing more but pointed at the door


Outside in the back of her yard were skulls lining the main exterior


I couldn't take it any more so I ran so fast to a nearby stream


Looking into the water I then saw my mere reflection


I was left to wonder what the old woman really meant


a figure moved to help me gain my composure


of that of a hunch back creature having viscous fangs that bite dripping blood off side


Again I ran away to hide frightened


At last a nearby meadow with a clearing sought me to venture further


It was then I realized the true message of my gothic heart


a cool breeze calmed my spirit & soul


noting that love was the mere essence of my existence


I sat alone & collected my thoughts



A Valiant Knight











Death springs a new day basking in the breeze


In solemn moments lets pause to think of a place


A far off castle in the mountains away from it all


A valiant knight lived in the structure of its dwelling


Those days of old where mere men had a noble demise


A beautiful maiden was in waiting for her knight


He would often fight for the cause of strength and dignity


The draw bridge where the castle stood had a very unique aura


A mystery of sort sought up in the vast array of crowned nobility




For the king on his thrown was humble yet greedy


Always would take care of himself caring nothing for the needy


A valiant knight was concerned about the kings trust


Often they would disagree on who it was to serve


A joker came in front of the king one day with a magic wand


Waving the wand in the air then there floated ivy everywhere


For the court jester was a fool in the making of his legacy


The maiden would often come forth and see




For she treasured a red rose that was plucked sometime before


Cherished the calling of her stature to the glory of the throne


A valiant knight would often sing sweet songs in the night


Had a following of village people that would sit before his feet


Having a way of words that he would often share


The castle was filled with dragons and warlocks searching for love


A cause to be brave amidst uncertainty of the kingdom


The legacy of golden bowls filled ardent vestibules


Let us toast to the valiant knight who keeps a watch on all that is good






The inner harmony tuned to its hidden beasts menagerie




the inner harmony tuned to its hidden beasts menagerie
long ago & far away
existed trolls with hobbits in a world apart
the mere notion of cascading falls in true light form
through a transient scope onto its beckoning call
there was dragons in the land along with kings & queens you understand
my sight blocked the vortex of my mind's eye onto Apollo's eye
their was zing to begin with amidst the soul's regard
perhaps this is in the land where Nero could tred

A scroll was wriiten on linen parchments by the word of truth
A great disaster came across the land their were giants their
the hobbits had a high loft dwelling amidst the struggle
a radiant light pulsated through the dragons teeth
under the rainbow poured out oil that was unleashed to change the world
without warning many were effected by the distant disaster

A fare maiden let down her hair onto the plush kingdom
alone with her thoughts she dreamed a dream that nobody could decifur
that was until the court jester had recaptured her imaginative thoughts she was after
the dream was a rainbow overhead with a dragon following with crystal lights
the embodiment of iron skulls dashed the fragments of her thoughts
the forbidden castle was enchanted in the night filled with cadence
from the vision many would be killed but the outcome would profit the land
A fare maiden was moved with compassion by the killings and moved to a river





Paper Mache


How can I continue?

There's no way I can live

Yet love a woman who can

turn my heart into paper mache.

I'm putty in her hands, even as I 

try to remain strong, she'll

barely lift a finger

before I fall to my knees.


I'll be falling in pieces like snow,

until she comes and gives me form,

but I'll have coal eyes and sticks 

for hands that can never hold her.

Be left under the couch, never to be found

as the last puzzle piece she needs.


Then she'll grow up

and forget me,

for the next time she sees me

I'll just be a memory.