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Why is it?


I love a woman

who will never love me.

She has it all planned out

and so does "he".

That I'm so far from her

and that it can never be.

I can only sulk and 

clench my teeth.

She is the one i love,

she drives me crazy.


I look at her now 

and i feel sour.

I'm not "him".

I'm not "Mr. Perfect".

I'm just me.

You Two

“You Two”


O’ how I’m such a fool…

How I simply feel like a simple tool


I thought I ended your misery

But that is just idiotic me


You and him

You guy’s light were slowly getting dim


So I thought I’d throw you a rope

Hoping to be your next hope


Didn’t realize that rope was on a single thread

It snapped on me like pencil lead


And you fell right back into his arms

Probably because you like his charms


O’ how I thought you two were finally done

Go figure I was the stupid one…


You told me he just wants to be a friend

And how you thought that was you two’s end


But you sent me a Snapchat,

Of you two and where you two were at


Don’t tell me you two are done

Especially when you two are at a beach having fun


I am tired of all the lies

Me always asking all the whys


Come at me again when your morals are good

For now I will stay under my car’s hood


Spending time where worth investing

Where my time won’t be wasting


I am filled with so much hate

Closer to believing that you are not worth the wait


I spend too much time thinking about you

Just knowing you two… Confuses me on what next to do 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just wanted to share this poem, thanks for reading. Don't feel bad for me. Life is life.

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