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Rape Grave

No escape

from this fate


Born to hate,

every day is rape


Wanting to die

so I can lie


In a grave so deep,

so I can finally sleep



Lie and Truth

Lie and Truth, Truth and lie.

Wicked game we play inside.

Lie and Truth. And beside

Mutilated stuck.


Tricky form changes the flow.

Fades the dirt, collects it more.

Digs the hole, where inside

You can hide the fact.


Form of blame in the chain.

Cursing, when it's taking gain.

When you lie, try to hide

Eyewater in your smile.


Taking rest to restore,

Tongue needs a brand new core.

In the chest hear the call

Of Truth, which makes you warm.


Is that old - be only honest,

Featuring the Truth, not lie?

Face to face to deal with brothers.

Leave the masks, and give them fly.


Lie is like in poison drowning,

Only cursing you and growing.

Try to choose the purest gold,

What gives the honest word.

Joy For Me


Once there was my joy,


Unmoved by the darkness that surrounded it.


For every time you smiled 


I would find heaven on thy face,


So despite my own sorrows,


seeing you kept me going.


As the road stretched it became harder to breathe,


harder to move without falling to my knees.


Bottled is my sin and no word from me can forever keep it sealed.


I will move to the side, leave my path,


tear down my joy and leave the


infinite possibilities of what could have happened, 


to my grave.


So heed me now,


if ever one sees themselves circle back to how they were found,


Thats when something has to go,


Be it love, be it sanity, or morality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The ones I post in these few days, are what I call the 'official' poems of this folder. The others are an intro in a sort of way :P.