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Dishonest friend.

Don’t ever lie to me I will tell you this just once
I Want to hear truth not a dishonest response,
I’m good at detecting lies when there told
One lie leads to many as deceit takes control,
If lies are told, trust is shattered
Truth and honesty were all that mattered,
If it’s apparent to me that your words are untrue
I won’t raise my suspicions or confront you,
I will judge you quietly accumulating proof
To support my thoughts of the untold truth,
The above will apply to most white lies spoken
For ever more I’ll doubt you as trust is now broken,
I’ve saw the falsehood and Your Deception won’t be forgot,
Your fabrication expands daily, truth bearing you’re not,
Your explanation is another deliberate false statement
Prevarication of words; signs of guilt’s now so blatant
Apply a pretence, false impression or Disinformation
Stop? or will you continue words of Misrepresentation?
Call it whatever ever you want, best let it go,; I’ll be aloof
Ability of Fabrication worsened by; inability to speak truth-
No happy endings happen from the telling of a tall tail
In the end the truth will out, eventually truth will prevail
If another discovers truth you’ve attempted hard to hide
I’m not the friend you can turn to, not whom you can confide
‘What goes around comes around’ what you give out you will surely receive
Maybe you will then learn a life lesson thou shall not lie &deceive!



My darling.

I have been blessed by your love.

My love for you has been a benefaction to us all.



Chimerical, pernicious,extravagent,malific;

Fanciful, idealistic, poetic, auspicious.

My darling.

I love you.

Life and Its Canvas


The World
A blank canvas sitting in wait
Slews of swatches prepared to create life
Lying dormant in the cosmos
Until a breath of life consumes them
Every motion that much more powerful
Emotions uncontrolled
Color rising
Saturation building
What was once lifeless
Now being

The Creators
Pathfinders in the depths of desire
Crying out for something
Anything to guide the lines they have drawn
Embracing the nothingness
Exposing the darkness
Rash decisions left as proof
Mortality is truth


Killed 5000 with the jawbone of an ass,

Nobody cuts this hair.

You don't get to Samson,

Without Delilia.

Nobody cuts this hair.

Moved heaven and earth,

To keep things together. 

Get's to be routine,

After a time.

Killed 5000 with the jawbone of an ass,

Nobody cuts this hair.

Torn down pillars stand taller than a mountain.

Nobody cuts this hair.



A bullet to tear through the stars

And rip the heavens apart.

Aimed to my chest because 

they hold no regret.

Luls me to sleep, like a cradle to a child,

slowly,losing, conscious.



Smiles to count, all fresh, for how sacred is this?

Let time stop or else tell me of

Something more precious than this.

Then a screech, spoke to soon.

One look and then it comes.



Do I remember?

How along ago since 'you'? 

I guess i forgot that too.

No matter, soon we will all be together,

I dream of them, I remember them

and I will see.


One...Two... Three...

Times? I know its not the end!

Yet why? Why do I not just stop!?

My heart is filled with enough holes

to be left unrecognizable.

Can I not learn? Am I an idiot?

Left to follow after like a dog,

To be tossed aside on a whim?

I refuse, no more I will not forget this.


No more...

Time to lay down my arms,

I fought to the bitter end,

Backs against the dead,

Chest towards the flames.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm gonna be posting these poems in order of when I made them. Again if you have any comments, I welcome them :)