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Gothic Demonic Illusion


out of the depths of the earth there lies a swell
of a great story I'd like to tell
to delve into the midnight madness of the bowels of Hell
your body lies frozen in time
the casket is slowly lowered into the ground
you are locked as you awake to demonic bites
viscous long hanging fangs dripping blood off side
you close your eyes again want to run away to hide
now it's just you & Satan going on for a ride
bowels of hot sulfur & radiated fires of impulses
your very soul is a loose tonic in the beverage of death
blackened stench with skulls surrounding you
the immense screams of torments in weeping, wailing & gnashing
minds plugged in eternal destruction

a hole in the center of the vast formation leading to fire
intense agony as you gasp to take a breath
eyes with holes having spots with tombstones in brain
no chance at turning back you are now captured in Hell
the billows of hot lava scorch your gait
a deep odor of sewage permeates through the vast domain
your heart explodes into the corrupted way of the damned
Satan laughing spreads his wings in flight
gross premonition of demonic henchmen doing his bidding
liquefied fragments of death launched at you
screams of pain staking patrons under garb of evil
walls of vast petrified extreme with bats over head
the walking dead of sinners marching to their doom
When will this madness end ?


Half Way Gone

I'm on my way

I'm half way gone

It wont take long

The lights are fading 

I can barley hear you

I try to speak 

But nothing comes out

I wish I can say

My last words 

If I could I'd say 

I love you

Fading Away

Each second passes by

Every minute felt like an hour

My skin freezes

Wail the mind rewinds

Each heart beat gets softer

The soul beging to leave

Till it Fly's away in the wind

An fades away into the darkness

Love Hated Fate

Love what fate brings 

Even if you hate fate

But you don't relize

Fate is only there to guide 

Not put you in direct contact

You must do your part 

Good or Evil

It's your choice

Now decide your fate 

Together We Go

Me and You 

Together are one

Were I go you go

Love is something special 

You never forget a moment 

The first song when we kiss

Lasts forever as so do we 

So will you follow me

Together we shall fly free

And be who we want to be

With no rules to stop us

So together we go


Love Like Winter

Love that was once warm grew cold 



I loved you than you left me standing frozen



My Heart cracks From the bitterness you left 



Standing here frozen without you by my side I start to fade away 



Longing for a time when we were one



Remembering the time you said you would never let go 



The time when you promised you would never give up



As I go back into the memories tears begin to fall



Each tear that falls Carries a thought or a memory of you

No Matter What

Each day that creeps on us 



Brings something diffrent 



Something that tries to split us 



But we look at each other and think 



Why would any of this tare us apart 



No matter what we have each other 



Through everything being thrown at us 



We shall bounce back with happiness



We shall laugh at those who despiet us 



We will always have one another 



No matter what


Walking Forever

My life is like a side walk 

One that never comes to an end

But has many obstacles in it's path

That will tare the soul apart

Till there's nothing left

If your not strong enough 

You'll break down and stand still

Like your life ended but you can still see

There's always an end to everything

Once you find the end 

It would all seem worth it 

The cold War

This night is very cold 

Blood is being shattered all around 

I can barley Hear my thoughts

I'm not sure if I'm going to make it

My fellow comrades are falling to the ground 

I think I've been shot

All of a sudden it got silent 

And I drop to my knee's 

And every memory is going through my mind

Then I fall to my side