#abuse #crime #girl #freedom

Cold Case

Raped, sodomized and tortured

again and again;


Missing person's,

a left behind victim


Some photograph in a case file,

just another picture


Body never found;

justice never served 


A case gone cold

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Is it a crime to be a girl children

I didn't ask to be born.

It just happened.

I wasn't planned,

I was almost abandoned.


Was I meant to be?

Or not meant to be?

Was I just an accident?

I didn't ask to be born,

But now I have to pay.

You yell and scream;

I always listen to what you say.

And you said go and die!

Everything around turns to grey                                                          ,

As mum is not with me

As color slowly fades away.

I stand there with a necklace made of rope,

Wondering if there will ever be hope.