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King Tonys' Zombie Threat

in the 8th year of King Tony's reign in Italy there was a summons for his fleet


villagers inquired to be seperate among the lively customs of the day rest assured


King Tony was an Italian virtuoso with vertigo captured in his brain you see


On one particular day in the dire month of late June the sunset fell on the palace


A brigade of well wishers whisked away the brilliant pull of the heart strong


A zombie type creature was unleashed in the city having long viscious fangs that bite


Dripping blood off side of mouth killing many dwellers in their stead


A cataclysmic event occured bringing an outpouring of evil in their demise




Time after time the zombie creature would implode on the inhabitants leaving a dent


long ago let the truth be told their was a wizard who would specialize in destroying zombies


King Tony was advised to kill the zombie creature head long but he was resistant


In time his heart changed brought on by the magic of the wizard intact.


Closing in on the creature with one blow of his sword King Tony became the victor


Chopping off the head of the zombie leaving his remains dangling in the wind




All the dwellers in the village rejoiced and gave praise to the king on his throne


Over the years there were moments of peace throughout the kingdom sweet peace


The wizard used his crystal ball to show forth his imaginative vision was reached


The day King Tony died he was then replaced by a revolutionary in the midst


Never again will he be so kind to a zombie that robbed him blind




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Your Home

Everything changed quickly in life, 
But your home stayed the same. 

Standing and holding roses in hands, 
Breathing our last breaths to see you lastly. 

Our hair turned into gray color now, 
Yet we haven't forgotten meeting to hug you. 

The hearts are tired of being far and sad, 
Waiting for the day to share new happiness. 

Lairs mouths if they ever said we are great, 
Ask eyes who cry more than a raining clouds do. 

Memories are still in our minds all the time, 
We forget our own souls, but we haven't your care. 

Even poem lost her own rhyme of our sorrows, 
When your home was empty but your graves front of us. 


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Reins of power and control


In the weeks before calm, the streets of the cities and of the towns were flooded with waves of panic and chaos. Marital law was breaking down; quarantines were failing; barricades were cracking against the weight of mindless masses; rabid animals that crashed against them. Even those who were once in control, were succumbing to the plague they had made; no one was safe from the end, not even those who sat in their seats of power, those who continued holding on to a world they no longer owned. Their grip on life was slipping fast, and there was nothing they could do about it. The end was at hand.

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