A writer's struggle to achieve




The urge to achieve is too much on me, of late;

It’s quite inconceivable as it’s too late to come on me;

An array of hope, though I find in the farthest corner of mind,

Nevertheless, enforcing it becomes too much of a worry.


There’re certain constraints that make it insignificant;

As spontaneous thoughts get decimated for want of words;

The age is one that barricades my extra sensory perception;

And so, very often I land up achieving nothing.


Many a thought makes brain traffic congestion;

When too many thoughts embark on mind,

How to make them coherent, I just don’t know,

To make others glance and relish without a fuss.


The appetite to achieve induces my spirit;

Though the spirit is willing, the mind is lagging;

How much and how far, I got to go and achieve,

Makes it all the more ambiguous and lets me down.


Oh!  There’s something that has dawned on me, I reckon;

Never, ever write for self-glory, but for your satisfaction;

‘Coz writing for others compels you to go on an extra mile,

And that’s what the pressure of achieving and falling, of course is!


Let creative writing let go off your mental pressure,

And the pressures of life that accumulate on course;

Use expressive verses to let go off your emotions;

To find a vent to express your unstable notions!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A writer's mental struggle to achieve and the fear of facing a fall when too many thoughts land on him.  Instead of enjoying his writing to let go off the pressures of life, he creates undue pressure on him.


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