a secret love just friends

Say Something?

I stare with confusion was it real or just another night.
Sleepless waiting on the answers to appear like fog
after a heavy rain in the summers heat.
Who am I fooling no hope for this dreamer
just silent screams filling my brain. No pleasure
here I tell you just another heart beat closer
to an end. Scattered thoughts on where to go
who will I find, where will it stop. Another one
misplaced in time I guess my heart should have
warned me. Breath buddy it's time to take another
leap of fate, faster my head spins. Reality set in
guessing my mood was the factor or was it something else.

Another drink down and the screams disappear ah it's
silents so surreal calming effects now appear. What was
we to do another judgement call not so perfectly planned yet
it was a leap of just knowing how I felt. I was scared the first
time we met though I broke through that mold of being off set.
I wanted to learn everything I could I asked questions even
advice from a friend. He said "just go with what you know."
Just then the roses were in my hand and some how I knew
not even then something else would go completely opposite.

I love it that were friends don't get me wrong cause baby
I know the road is long. I know pain, I know anger, and
I know frustration. But I also know love, tenderness, peace,
forgiveness, tears of joy, laughing so hard that it hurts to breath.

Thoughts I want to share while holding your hands for just a
short period of time was worth more to me then anything.
I want to be that shoulder you need, that hug you crave
further down the line even a heart to love you more then
life it's self. Guess that's what I am fooling myself into
believing. That someone could love me for me....

Say Something I Won't Give Up On You!

By: RJCrow

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Maybe one day she will understand..

Keep hope alive Be Well Be Safe

Love unconditionally with Full Heart!

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You and Me

Just friends:

we'll always be.

A love:

you refused to see.

Can't believe:

you walked away.

Over me: 

no words to say.


to you and to me.

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