One thing this pandemic has been doing from the very start

is forcing us to look at life a little differently…as we stand 6 feet apart.


It’s allowing us to reevaluate as we adjust our day to day…

It’s reminding us what’s important…as we stand 6 feet away.


Yes, hand sanitizer and paper towels make our lives easier

when we can find them in the store

but our friends

our family

our children 

our grandchildren….

are the very things we’re living for.


When we can’t be together as often…

when we don’t see each other as much.

We learn the importance of that closeness…

of a kiss…a hug…a touch.


We find other was to express our love 

when we can’t visit every day

We learn to cherish a phone call…

a letter….

a smile or a wave…

as we stand 6 feet away.


And when we see people in need

whose lives have also been redefined….

we learn the importance of helping others

the importance of being kind.


When this pandemic comes to an end…

and we all celebrate that day…

I hope we’ll remember the lessons we learned 

that time we stood 6 feet away.

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