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Do you remember when the world started to become a mess?


I can digress


Remember when Jesus Christ died for us?


My flesh, I detest


How many people in this world died for Him?


They died with Jesus Christ on their lips


Their last breaths were prayers to Him


Whereas I can’t even get a confession out to Him


Do you remember, God?


Those long years were so hard


Trust me, I’ve seen


God, why did you let them touch me?


Didn’t you hear me screaming?


My body still feels like its burning


All those nights


Contemplating suicide


Oh, how I wanted to die


But God you knew what you had in store for me


That pain in me


You wanted me to use my pain to help others


Those women who suffer


You knew I had a big heart


How do I even start?


I was so naïve


To think that God didn’t love me


But God knew what plan he had for me


The devil was slick enough to get inside of me


To get me to resent the creator who made me


Can I win?


The devil always trying to fight within


God, do you hear me?


I am trying not to be so weak


The kids around me always tryin’ to pick on me


Never ending


Could they see?


The potential that God saw in me?


I bet it was the devil tryin’ to get at me


Destroy me


Cuz he saw a light in me


Jesus, why do you love me?


Do you really want me?


Ain’t I obscene?


I need to be redeemed


Truly, God you know more than I


What plans you have


They’re hidden in my eyes


I know I keep messin up


Why can’t I live up?


To what Jesus did


I can’t even fathom


My Christ, He is so glorious


While the devil is notorious


He’ll try to ruin me


But my God will protect me


Can’t the demons see?


See, they try to grab me


But now I know they don’t have to have me


I can pray


Look, even my enemies run in shame


I may be a sinner


But, I don’t gotta let that define me


I’m a winner


Just try me


Fools, be trying to persecute me


They even try to hurt me


Now they be hatin’ even more


Now that Jesus is my Lord


They keep rollin’ up for more


But I know that Jesus got my back


They all think I’m whack


But now look who’s on crack


Can’t even fathom that


Man, get your life on track


Just cuz you don’t know how to act


Doesn’t mean you gotta pull me back


Don’t you know?


Jesus got my back


I’ve been redeemed because Jesus Christ lives in me!


Yeah, you heard me!


Jesus Christ lives in me


I am free


The world doesn’t have to define me!


The drugs, they don’t even appeal to me


Before Christ, I use to be a mess


Men always using me for sex


Pregnancy scares


Man, can’t believe I would dare!


It was a living nightmare


But even through all of that God still cared


Lost friends left and right


Didn’t care who I’d fight


I didn’t even care if I died


Just lyin’ to myself


Thinking this was hell


While as God sent help


Through my brother


He was a huge help


Never gave up on me


He inspired me to see God differently


I thank God every day


For changing my brother to the man who he is today


It’s hard to say


Express what I say


My pride is always getting in the way


Lord, your plan is working perfectly


The people I am meeting




They are a blessing


I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me


The devil in me is slowing diminishing


The Jesus in me


Takin ahold of me


God, do you remember?


Jesus Christ redeemed me


now, I am FREE


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My life and how I got redeemed