I talk no more,

Which never was done before;



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The capacity to see in another--- that which singes our conditioned mind of what we perceive is the most hideous depths of our ego--- is the same thing that raises the lotus to the surface of the water. To lay our eyes upon the grotesque, and see only beauty, is the greatest achievement a human being is capable of.




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The Transition

As I look into your eyes
I no longer see a man who despises
But someone who realizes that as a people we can rise
A man who realize that our lives and his children’s lives can be better if we all strive…..
There are challenges ahead
Changes we may dread
But it is no more than what our grandparents have seen
No more than the streams of blood our ancestors bleed…

Martin Luther King had a dream
And though he died
His children have seen
That it was not just his dream
But the dream of America
Red, yellow, white, black and green

So the voices of the majority has been heard
And as you glance into the mirror
You too see the transition that has occurred.

God Bless the United States of America!!!!

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Be one of the first to mark the defining moment in history. This framed work is an original piece perfectly describing the transition in America’s presidential history. It is the perfect piece to display at the home or company office.

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