young people becoming a better person

An Adress To

Forsooth, this wilted flower of youth

That shows us the forgotten truth

That the young should be treasured, beloved and protected

Not spurned, hunted, feared and rejected

They say we’re all sloth’s we’re lazy we’re louts

And our parents clamour to know our whereabouts

They say we don’t know about hard graftin’

They say were too fat and worry we’re too thin

Whatever we do is never right

They shut us in darkness, while we wish for the light

They use us as scapegoats and targets, the fools

Believing they can shape us and make us their tools

But now it is time for a change

Things don’t need to stay the same

So yell it on the rooftops yell it on the street

Scream it in your bedrooms, rap it on the beat

Show the authority

What you really can be

Dream the biggest dreams while you’re awake

Charge forward blindly, don’t bother to wait

When you step back you age, step forward stay young

Don’t cry, live your life and try to have fun.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem i wrote for a competition that i never got round to submitting, inspired by modern punk

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