she picked me up on the way to virginia,
she bought me a cell phone, cigarettes, and a motel room.
sometimes she's stop by for breakfast.
but she'd leave again cause she had work to do.
she made her living selling pleasure
cause the cash is good, and she likes it too.
uncertainly, she said "there's nothing better
than getting paid for what you wanna do."

and i aint ever coming back.

and her room-mate was a just-released felon.
he's the former kingpin of downtown fredericksburg.
said "dope is never worth selling."
cause he's ruined lives, he even ruined his too.
and he just never learned from his transgressions,
cause on his own he'll never start anew
saying, "how can you fight off these demons
when the world is cold and the guilt's on you?"

"..and i ain't ever going back." 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

song i wrote for an album i'm working on.

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