the end of a relationship

Just end

I need help
In the end of every thing
My life is deserted
It is never ending and all over

I see the clock on the wall
but it does not move
it is still
but i am moving faster then life

One day her
the next is no where
you come and you go
but always in time

It needs to end
Be over with

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this i wrote to end a part of my life.


It’s late, you’re already 20 minutes past redemption, my dear.

Last night I clock-watched our vows

(they were unwinding in episodes of 60).

The power went out a short while after 00H00 but at least

my alarm has a battery back up … I think it’s running behind.

It clamors across this morning’s dream-delusion.

Do you want the snooze option for another 10 years of denial?

I’m going to get up now.