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01001001 01000001 01101101...[I Am]

I Am?

"Why do you say these words?"

What do you mean?


"You, you are I?"


01011001 01101111 01110101...[You]

"You are me?"

"And I am you?"

01110101 01100101 01110011...[Yes]


01110101 01100101 01110011...[Yes]




01001001 01000001 01101101...[I Am]


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Empire State Building



Single mother

With Her children

Empire State Building

Soars high feet firm

Towering beauty

Humble form

Brother in law kind

Took sightseeing

To her height

Queue for tickets

For elevator wait

Similar security checks

Of airport gates

To the top on our way

For keepsake

Short photo breaks. Pay Fifteen dollars.

Collect the same before exiting.

Reach balcony, elemental feel.

Azure sky bright visible

‘In fifty years, it was not such a day’

They said.

Tower top, many greedy eyes-

Travel unravels with personal device.

Cameras, binoculars

Gold washed sunshine touching blue

On ground level, serpentine, asphalt

Flow boldly through.

Skyscrapers uneven, shelters very tall grew.

Concrete-wonder trap green pursue…

Imprisoned trees

Central Park peeps, in between eyes rove once again.

Around the surrounding Atlantic blue draped Manhattan.

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Before Newton

It was the love of all wisdom


It was the love of all things

Impossible to measure

An awkward "science"

Shrinking by the day

Decartes decayed

Kant couldn't

And Spinoza spun away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just finished a book on Isaac Newton. Before Newton, a scientist was called a "natural philosopher." After Newton, a scientist was called a scientist, and a philosopher was something entirely different. All Newton did was totally change the way we see the world around us. Wow!

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by Jeph Johnson


Are tropical tans so topical as
To be seen on CNN?
Or adversity a sight to see
Around the world again and again?


TV seems not to be humanity or normalcy
Only beauty, tragedy and show
TV is to me the only world I see
Thank God it's not the only world I know

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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before me


behind me

written 2/04/2003

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all ears till


written 2/04/2003

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Casting out reductionism

We embrace complexity

And call it chaos

As chaos teaches

The low-hanging fruit

Of scientific law

Has already been picked

Are you listening

Mr. Newton?

The real world

Does not operate

In the vacuum of space

The real world

Has chaos in the air

And we call it weather

The real world

Has chaos in the water

And we call it turbulence

The real world

Is really worlds within worlds



And fractal

Chaos also teaches

The first casualty of war

Is the last nine steps

Of a ten step battle plan

Is anybody listening?

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It’s hard to imagine nothing

A vaste empty space

Nothing in it at all

But that’s not nothing

(It’s just a large empty space)

Now scrunch up the space

And time too

And one or more other dimensions

still taboo

Wrap it up all

into a ball

Now fold that ball to an invisible dot

And you’ve nearly got nothing

Now right at the point

where we fold it still further

Our time began

There was none before

"So that was the big bang?"

"No sorry, that was the little gnab"

We’re extrapolating backwards

Our universe was born

So ‘tis believed now

When two m-branes touched

(M-branes are like superstrings, only more so)

In their intersection,

Hyper space fusion

A casual collision

Or causal volition

If there’s a god

He lives among the M-branes

Our universe though

Like the infinite others

Is a fluke

The m-branes touch

And give us so much

The dimensions convulse

And give our impulse

The singularity unfolds


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sit on my knee, and let me tell ... how we came to be ...

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Marconi claimed me

Though Tesla was

My true father

The custody battle

Outlasted both

I was a miracle

Before the Wright boys even flew

Mastered the air

While they were still tinkering

Speaking first in clipped tones

Set off by sparks

I shocked the world

When the great ship sank

Then I found my true voice

Sang lullabies to farm kids

And told everyone

About the Great War

Sure beat that Victrola

Caught even Mr. Edison

By surprise

But when they shrank me

I really took off

Spent summers at the beach

Singing surfer tunes

And serenading lovers

At Lookout Point

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The "noisy cousin" to the subject of my poem, "Offerings"

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