I Walk By

A lonely raven,
Limps past,
Clutching her,
Broken wing,
And darkness,
A Harbinger,
To her heart,
Beating out,
And Blood.

I see her.

A black burden,
Wearing on,
Her shoulders,
Like the night,
More demons,
Digging deeper,
Calling death,
Calling tears,
Calling me,
To comfort.

I slow down.

Feel the pain,
Feel the healing,
Feel the passion,
Feel the weakness,
Feel the music,
Feel the memories,

I walk by.

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Where are you Going?

Green turns to red on a stop light
and the world goes by
Sun makes a glare on the window
and I squint my eyes.
In a booth seat at McDonald’s
Sits a man, alone;
he is nothing special to see
in his one good suite,
sipping his last cup of coffee,
he spent his last change.
There is a suite case beside him,
and I have got something to say...
"Hey mister, where are you going?
Cause' it seems plain to me
this is the last place you wanna be,
but you've got nowhere else to turn.
And what you're going through
no one else knows but you
Well now I can't change your future,
I can't change your past,
but I'm here right now with you.
I don't have much to give
but what I do is yours."

at a bus stop round the corner
is a hard faced man
with tattoos up and down his arms.
and he looks at me.
Yeah, he's the kinda man at first glance
you don't wanna meet but
I see angels chashing demons
and a troubled past
a boy in foster care since 12
when his mama died
daddy never did stick around.
I listen to all this and say...


Maybe if we examine the scars
we will realize we are not so far
from each other.
We have all been hurt, we've all fallen'.
Could we take what we have in common,
and realize,
We're all living, together broken.


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