I don't know what it means,
for it to be in my dreams,
and to be in my thoughts,
with a feeling of being caught,
all we did was glance,
brown to blue,
and i felt like i knew,
every word you would have said,
and where life would have led,
not even a word,
not even a name,
makes me wonder,
is fate to blame?
i'm thinking about that day,
and i can tell that you're thinking,
the exact same way,
i'm afraid that i'll forget that image,
and that means i'll never know,
where we could go,
with one sad smile,
it felt like every step was a mile,
and so now,
without even a word,
without even a name,
i pray that life is a game,
and that maybe somehow,
we will be what i feel,
but the higher power knows,
it simply just cant be now.....

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