secret love hope happiness


Tempted by his deceitful eyes
boundries created by thighs
i am alone again
hello stranger i utter to him
he quickly readjust his hands
and my breath quickens
think on desperately wanting a man
with the suns shadow
i wink at our chance
just one night for a change
knowing our escapade will end
needing to be alone with him
i lick my lips to taste him
no touching involved 
i held him within
noticing my advancement
he is now a crook
placing my lust in his hand
oh sweet stranger
where can we go from were
he answers my questions 
with the movement of his feet
breaking my heart beat
i follow my stand for 1 night
and before the moon
takes a break
I'm alone again
searching for a
midnight friend 

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The Ride Home

My favorite part of the day

Is the ride home with you.

In the cab, with streetlights blurred

As I look out the window

I hear the radio, but only vaguely.

I guess the beating of my heart

Drowns all other sounds.

With our fingers entwined

And your head resting on my shoulder

I smell the sweet scent of spring,

I feel the lovely warmth of summer.

I close my eyes and whisper

A prayer of thanks.

For each day, for thirty minutes

I feel your hand in mine

And your body next to mine

And  I hear my heart whisper


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