Waste Away

Damned to endure this punishment,

you will waste away all day in your cell

driving your self mad with these memories,


Concrete walls will shield the world from your screams,

life will go on without you; such wasted potential,

blinded by your pride and denied your dignity


Nothing but an animal,

this bull pen, here you

will fight to survive.


Doing things you never thought possible

going insane in this daily routine,

no beach to walk on, no women to love.


What have you become?

when you are denied your freedom,

forced to endure this sentence,

a slave to the law!!!


Denied by god,

fated to this ill deprivation,

useless aggression, 

bloody your fists


Surrounded in discontent,

consumption of daily shit,

total lack of privacy,

you are the pornography


Coming here again and again,

no true life outside the walls,

no beach to walk on,

no women to love


Alone, if only to dream

and forget this place,

but the constant rattle

and profanities never cease


You only get 1 one phone call

but they are all ashamed,

no one here to come to watch you























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