To My Perfect Paramour

Volume Two

To My Perfect Paramour

        ACT I

       Her voice was that of an Angel's choir,
I could see the joy, pain and sorrow trapped behind her eyes
to become lost within them forever, I'd die within the eternal fire
to have become powerless within your gaze, and hopeless within your arms
I fall prey to your lips and victim to your charms.

Crawling I beg for more, whimpering your name once more
shivers run down my spine, a temptress in the mist, the veil of shadows
spinning me about and casting my mind to doubt, as I'd still face the gallows
beyond lust, and beyond desire. Beyond hope of transcending any higher
I have failed or given up on just about anything I had touched
until I had saw you, tripped and fell as I became lost within a trance.
Ready to go yet stuck. Immobilized bearing a heart that has been traumatized

        ACT II

         Lost within the forest, so close to being found
Lost within the darkness, A shred of light becomes so profound
covet the small treasures, for they remind us life is precious
Live and love every moment like it was your last for we are conscious.

She spins me around, keeping me on my toes
darting between the trees keeping me guessing
spinning me around, I don't know what direction I am facing.
There is fog rolling in, sliding over the blades of grass
saturating the forest as it swell ever thicker,
watch as my soul before you starts to flicker.
Its a revelation, a spark of clarity.
Let me have this hour, and take control of this moment
yet always find myself over taken by your very presence
a disturbing and unsettling coincidence.

           ACT III

            Nobody survives the storm, her will becomes as sharp as knives
a succubus in disguise, better still an albatross should we have to compromise
She after all had stolen my heart, a sacrifice doomed from the start
where love breeds fools within us all, but you cannot hide forever behind your wall
and even the strongest becomes humbled, and their wall becomes shattered and crumbled

There was once a beautiful woman, who wore a beautiful dress
her eyes could pierce the sky, and set the heavens themselves ablaze
women envied her, and men melted within her gaze
She had been cursed as she fell from the stars,
celestial in all her glory, graceful while baring all the emotional scars.

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