love and pain

Her Silent Cries

I did hurt her,

Both physically and mentally,

Many a time,

She cried silently.


She did not let me know,

That she had just wiped the tears away,

Yet I could feel her pain,

Yet nothing I could say!


At times I was rude to her though,


I intensely loved her also!

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I Give Her Love, She Gives Me Pain

I give her love,

She gives me pain,

What a reciprocal bond!

A farce has appeared again!


Much have I endeared,

Much have I expected,

Yet received hardly anything!

Now I find myself quite dejected!


Oh God! Give me strength to survive,


Let me find the meaning of staying alive!

How Many...

How many roses will make you love me?

How many restless hours will make you cry?

How many kisses will perk up the old love?

How many poems can stir your heart kind of?



I ask all these questions to myself daily,

Yet my impatient brain is tired truly,

It is in pain like the heart,

Since nothing wants us to part!


Please let your love reign,


Help me to wipe away my pain.

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Venom: Part One...Love

VENOM; the series

The bite of a snake is more
compelling than sucking the
poison out of the bite…
Once the venom circulates
the body, the feeling
becomes comfortably numb-
Similar to loving someone
until death that the feeling
is pain, sometimes anguish,
yet the love is in too deep
that the pain is worth taking
and not resisting; and in
those moments of lament,
which may be a few were the
love is returned, you forget
about the venom running
through your veins, and the
euphoria contemplates the
need to be loved…settling to
remain comfortably numb!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

do you love the venom?

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Every Minute

I sit here only a few feet away from you, and still I feel like your a million miles away. I don't understand it, but my heart tells me with its beats, to pull away from you;
that my heart cannot stay.
We may fight but in the end I love you no matter what happened before, now my heart has easily tore.
To run and fight are two different matters, to fight and stay now that is the easiest way.
If you choose to walk one path instead of the other, then your choice is a simple as another.
Neither right or, wrong in some eyes. Yet in some people you may find where the heart lies.
If one chose a path to walk alone and runaway, then who can force a broken heart to stay; but in the end if you stay and, fight...
Then most things come out right. If not so for you, then sooner or, later things will fall in place. Whether it be love
or, life itself. Remember love thy self.
If you cannot do such, then why will you run? Where will you go in the end?
Your conscious will eat at you until you bend, or it will be to late for your heart to defend.
As I sit here only a few feet away from you, it feels like your a million miles away from me; Still as we fight...
I'm right where I want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is poem is about how one minute I cant' stand one of the people that I love dearest & the next minute...i see that know matter what, I'll love him every minute.

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