Lost Beauty

Secrets of a pretty face

Secrets of a pretty face



The perfect image I see in the mirror is still mine…

So elegant, so polished….Looks like I’m fine.

Looks so distinguished and cold,

Never tired and forever bold.


My lipstick is still scarlet red

Despite all the things I’ve said…

No dripping eyeliner for me

In spite of everything I could see…


My cheeks blush so full of life,

Even after his decision cut me like a knife…

My hair still stays in place

With the same curly lock across my face…


My pearls shall make me shine

As I pretend I am not the one to whine…

I shall not cry over spilt milk,

Instead I shall spoil my femininity with silk.


My image shall not speak of my state

And it shall not reveal my fate…

Because that’s a woman’s honorable mission:

Look impeccable and never talk of her condition.



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Women are the symbol of beauty and society expects perfection and nothing less... Thus the only feelings safe to show are those that cause no damage to their external appearance.   

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My beleaguered friend

You should dance among the stars!

With all the world at your feet,

glimmering with envy and admiration.

And amongst those lights and loves,

Your sparkling soul would stand out,

In itself and itself alone.


You don’t need that dark contrast,

That juxtaposition that paradox.

The absolute, brilliant, immeasurable

Joy that shines in the ether,

Untainted unmarked and unbelievable,

Has always been yours.


You will learn each language.

They speak novelties so sweet,

and glow in the snow.

There, there are only

fireflies that burn and breathe,

and spell your name with elastic tongues


You shall feel the quiet rhythm,

In each of your bones captured,

The tone I have never heard before.

It kisses and cusses and blows you wishes.

It lets you gleefully pick the diamonds out

from within.


So until you clamor for light,

Until you run cold water,

Through your tired, blistered fingers,

Whisper quickly,

Love incredibly,

As you dream your days are still whole with happiness.

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