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Blinded By Fear's Unceartainty

personal poems

Five months pass without no responce from you and made me feel worthless and small.
Then you start talking to me and I finally I do something that i couldn't do which was stand tall.

But then after a week I was told without warning your mind wasn't ready and still needed time to be healed.
To push away from me again and to make sure all your feelings are concealed.

My heart has been through alot and has almost stopped with all the pain i have felt which wasn't nice.
I just hope you can get yourself figured out before my heart gets it final detremental slice.

So take all the time you need because I meant what I said when I told you i am going nowhere and going to wait for you.
I just wish that soon, when i say that i love you so much, you say you love me too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My ex Shavonne when she went through the loss of her little girl due to adoption and greiving.

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Im sitting on the sofa all alone
watching the tele in an empty home
Sat here in darkness all by myself
being alone is no good for your health
And i wonder why on fridays i never go out
and my friends discuss parties till i want to scream and shout

I end up spending the weekend just working and writing
a life which is not all that exciting
And i cant wait till i am part of the group
part of the crowd another member of the troupe
Individualism is all good in its place
but is no good when you exist without a trace

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