My grandma's house

My grandma’s house
My grandma’s house is really big and it is located in the down town of Oaxaca. I remember it very good because when I was a little girl I used to spend a lot of time there, and the greatest thing of being there was that all my cousins were there too. My grandma had ten children, so I have a lot of cousins, some of them are very close to me, some others not that much. But when we were there we had a lot of fun, our favorite game was hide and seek, but we used to play it varying and inventing new rules. One of the special thing of my grandma´s house is that in the back yard she had some animals, she used to have a lot of hens, so in the house were always eggs to eat, she also used to have rabbits, white rabbits with enormous red eyes, my cousins and I liked to feed them, with lettuce and oat, but sometimes the rabbits bit us and we screamed a lot. Once she even had a goat, a goat named Cornelia. When I was a little girl I used to think there was a farm in the middle of the city. In my grandma´s house always have been birds, from a little canary to his favorite, a big green parrot with color feathers. It was her favorite because the parrot could sing, whistle and speak very well; he always was singing a song my grandma used to sing to me. My grandma used to call him “mi niño”. I didn’t like him very much because once he tried to bite me. When the parrot tried to escape because someone has left the cage’s door open, the entire family moved on to catch him. When the parrot died my grandma was very sad and almost cry. Other thing I can remember from that big beautiful house is the smell of food, my grandma is a great cook, she is like a magician because everything she cooks, no matter what, taste very well, so the house is always smelling delicious. Her specialty is the “mole negro”, and I have tasted a lot of different varieties in many places, but none of those can compare to the flavor of my grandma’s one, it has a smoked flavor very unique. I hope one day she could teach me how to prepare it, and I wish when I grow up to have a house where my grandchildren have a lot of fun and good memories like I did. That house has a great value, not only in the monetary way, but also in all the memories from all the family.

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For My Angel

When the house is still, and everyone 's asleep
I finally allow myself to weep.

It feels so good, to just let go,
And not having to put up a show.

No need to smile, to the kids around,
Who need to see me strong and sound.

No friends who worry, and want to hear,
That all is fine, because they care.

Now the tears can freely flow,
I mourn the security I used to know.

I let myself be gripped with fear,
And face the agony of despair

Oh Lord! You hear my muffled cries,
Hold me tight and dry my eyes.

I do not have to beg, or explain,
I am your child, You feel my pain.

So Take my burden, make it light,
That feels better.....Good night.

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The House On A Hill

We had it planned

Like a blueprint in front of us

Like a berry's tang on your lips

My memories of you are bittersweet

Many fights

Many words left unsaid

But I remember that moment

I remember it well

Always my heart melts

To think of our house on the hill


With green walls

and a whitewashed fence

It stands in front of me

And all around beside

a field

That stretches to the horizon and back

No tree to blemish its pristine beauty

No river to damage its perfection

Only the simple waving of grass

Like a huge green ocean

Roiling with our heartbeats


The gate creaks as I shut it

Children dance around me as I walk

and then vanish with the thud of my footsteps

A tree

Yes, a tree!

Stands protectively over the house

One tire swing sways lazily in the breeze

The rope is yellowed and frayed

With age

But I sit in it all the same


A window

Paint chipped and peeling

gazes lovingly at the tree

It leads to a kitchen

Small and tidy


Enough for two people

Drowning in each others love


Chills run down my spine

As the threshold touches my feet

I hear children laughing

Pianos playing

wonderful love making

Tiny breasts under silken sheets

I see blue eyes

Embracing mine

As I wake up each day

But this is as far as I go


The gate creaks as I close it

The children call and say "Daddy, where you goin...?"

But the engine is starting

And it erases their voices

Tomorrow I'll find a different way to work

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Emma Seibel and dreams long forgotten

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