Venom Serum

The taste is so unforgettable,

How did I ever let it go?

Lips are like poison

But the venom is so sweet.

One kiss draws you in,

The pain is what pushes you away.

With every touch, every grasp,

The intensity rises, getting hotter and hotter.

The poison rushes thru your veins,

Alls you can think about is how to get more.

Your passion is covered with glass.

One can only look but no longer touch.

The pain hurts just to see.

Better to loved and lost,

Or is it better to never have loved at all?

Your mind starts to twist like a boa constrictor

Thoughts chasing, thoughts chasing your heart.

Your lips scream for it,

Your tongue dances waiting.

Your heart pumps a symbolic rhythm.

Hours turn to days, and days turn to weeks.

Your heart feels like its turning cold.

Your lips are whispering quietly,

Your tongue sways slowly.

Your heart beats hard.

You feel so rejected.

Looking thru the glass, at your beloved.

Wishing you could freeze time.

But the object of your desire,

Can only evoke feelings of sadness and remorse.

Your passion dies like one single rose,

Wilting a new petal each day.

Nothing changes, everything stays the same.

Your lips stop talking,

Your tongue stays frozen

Your heart pumps weakly.

Alls you can feel is sadness.

Grief is all that breathes around you.

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My Eulogy

Hello all I hope someone will read this upon my funeral and remember me.. I know that where ever I end up will be my placement within Gods eyes..

One of the greatest experiences in all of life is having a loving family. There aren’t too many other things more devastating than losing a person like John. But though the body passes, the spirit of John lives on.

During the years, John had planted seeds in us, little parts of himself, known as love, encouragement, patience, compassion and charity, among many, many others.

If you want to once again, be in touch with John, all you need do is go on with your life. Live your life to the fullest. Be all that you can be. Express all that you learned from John.

Feel those little seeds planted in your heart growing and blooming, as you live life the way God taught you. All those seeds, characteristics of parents or relatives, grow and become part of us. In that way, John lives on, within us.

So gather close, all who are left. Share your memories, your feelings. Feel John there inside your strength. All that you do is a reflection on which John has shown.

Share the process with your children and your grandchildren. Tell them about living and dying, and living on, so that in their future time of mourning, they may feel less confused, less helpless.

Then, as the mourning phase passes, eagerly get on with your lives, expressing the gifts you received, watching those special seeds grow and bloom. Be all that John had hoped you’d be.

Smile a little more everyday.. And erase the hatred among man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for my family to find if something should happen to me..

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Believe me, my beautifuls,

this pain is a flame

no water will soothe.

I feel you in the air,

as I walk and talk,

as I breathe and move.

I swore I would never leave you,

desa, ghara, kula, my beautifuls.

Now there is only one word:

A N A A T H A A S H R A M.

All that we were

is now all that I am.

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when tears fall from your eyes

I wish I could wipe them away

when you are hurting deep inside

I wish there was something I could say

cause I see you in pain each day

and it just kills me inside

I wish there was something I could do

while I sit helplessly by your side

I long to see you smile again

like the way you used to

cause now that it is gone

I don't know what to do

cause I see you so far gone

and it makes me want to cry

it's like a part of you has disappeared

without even saying goodbye

I miss the sparkle in your eyes

when you looked at me

but now you are being held hostage

and can't seem to break free

and now I see you so dead inside

and it breaks my heart in two

what I am seeing now

when I look at you

and now I just want to cry

cause I wasn't ready to say goodbye

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Is This The Final Goodbye

We've said goodbye,

Is this for the last time?

Feels like we've been living a lie,

The smiles and laughter,

Though forced and faked,

Are now just memories,

Is it all too late?

You watched me leave,

Without a care,

Your friendly smile,

Was not there,

The pain and hurt,

I feel inside,

Will resort from,

New hope I find.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For a guy who knows who he is.

Thanks to GSC for helping me write this.

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In the Long Run

I believe it was

the beginning of today,

I made my way here

on a groove wasted on a lover

She had the time for another

but pushed herself beyond

And there she lies

with a bit of curiosity

We felt our strings detaching,

and she felt the scrapes on her knees

She journeyed on for something better

without the caution she was used to

The music made her fingers itch

while she ignored the aches in her sides

As she makes her way across town,

maybe she'll recall a thing or two

Pleasantries that have passed her by

A lighter side to the heavy load

It may be ignored,

but it will all be missed.

Somewhere along the way, right?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Later, my friend.

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Two weeks notice

i thought u were d kindest man i'd ever met

you made one hell of a good acting job i bet

deceived me of those lousy lies of yours

now what happened to you? karma goes round of course

made me believed that i was the only one

oh, there's another who u met last Jan

you'd been with her for two weeks right?

while with me, just an awkward night!

told me things wont work with us

cause u wanted your pathetic marriage be saved at last

oh man, i pity u.. what a big mistake!

if i knew all along that your reason was fake

you tried to settle down with her dude

without knowing she got a boo in d neighborhood

after your bank has been robbed by her

guess what? you'd been dumped coz now she's a mother

and there u were, crying for all of these

heartaches and pain u gave me never cease

yet i was there, stand by u with all sincerity

hearing all your crap and stupidity

i waited for you to realize

but now its too late to apologize

you're so insensitive to really feel

what's not and what's real

at last, its time for me to move on

i think in game of love, i never won

so im saying goodbye in this piece

irrevocable! accept my two weeks notice

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Keep Wondering...

Ashes to Ashes



Not Loyal...


and you wonder...

You want to know who I am?

I'm the guy who fell... again...

I'm the man who won't give up...

Am I giving up now? Nope

Just moving on...

to my next hope...

Fell once, fell twice, and I'll get up a third time...

I can fall really easily, give my all... and just love...

Try and try.... over and over...

There's a point...

Where you have to call a duck a duck

and just quit trying to knock down those walls.

It's like I said... It's just funny...

You find a girl... you fall in love with the girl

you show her your love and everything you have

you try and try to just give them what they want...

but in the end, maybe they are all the same...


but I won't give up...

I'll move on... like I have before... because...

Through all of it... I have faith...

If there is someone out there for me

I will find her...

Even if that means, she isn't you...

because... Life goes on...

I love you a lot...

but if you have to ask

if you have to think

then your not happy

and right now... It's not my problem

I've done all I could to try to make you happy

if you don't appreciate that... then what more can I do?

I can walk away...

but you'll wonder one day...

When your alone... not after me... after all the rest

You'll look back on your life and wonder...

Just like all the others...

"O he's just too confident"

... Yeah... keep telling yourself that

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If you don't appreciate what you have... Just Keep walking, Life went on before you, and it will go on long after your memory fades. Don't be upset... I'm only being real ;)

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Eye was fine until the rain came down. The blanket seeped. The CharlaX wept. The wonder of a dry warm place replaced with cold wet water on my ankle. The blanket caught the water for it's a comforter with many little triangular pockets made to simulate a quilt. Eye was trying to have a play a day time dream and when eye was almost there it came the water dumped inside the thing and cascaded on to foot. CharlaX almost cried again but long interment in the camping zone has warned me to be always ready on the go.

Everything eye have belongs to me no thief am eye eye gather all eye need a dry coat and a shoe on foot these things belong to me the socks so dry on toes. When eye decide to eat some meat eye twist it up and in it goes the meat is mine not taken from a car or from the backseat of the bus unless its left for all of us to have the many people leave a mess sometimes and so the CharlaX is a scrounge rhymes with clown but the rhythm is so wrong the oversize clothes the hats made all of wool and so many they seem like a hive upon the hill when rain comes down the head is dry the hands in gloves the feet so dry in layers of sockings from the night before the rain eye get my things the old fashioned way eye work my hands in every trash can in this city trying to pull jewels and diamonds from the dirty bags of tossed decay. Eye ate some onion grass when eye was smaller than the now the version of my youth was hungry now and then eye placed the grass in mouth and eye did chew and the day came when eye finally saw the grass come up and it was not an onion but a flower all the time eye had been daintily chewing upon the flowers calling them onion grass its true no ewe don't laugh its true ewe so very true. Stop the Press. Leadville is turning into Muddville in John Denver Colorado. This just came in over the wire,’

Author's Notes/Comments: 

DEVASTATION paroday spoof of money preachers

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